FLY WITH AEROPLANE – In Flight – Airline Ticket – Tracking – Tips

FLY WITH AEROPLANE - In Flight - Airline Ticket - Tracking - Tips

Fly with Aeroplane – In Flight – Airline Ticket – Tracking

If you plan to travel with aeroplane, this is the tips from A-Z about the precaution and what to do.

Before you fly, you must check the ticket availability with airline flight tracking system and booking system online.

You can go to any airlines website for example, and go to the flight timetable or schedule to check for availability. Or go to different website to compare the price and get the most cheap flights.

Then go to booking ticket to know the price and all the charges. You can directly book your flight by using credit cards or you can go to the ticket counter branch to buy it.

You must check in your luggage that you want to put in the cargo compartment at least 2 hours before flight. Go to the check in counter that display the airline logo and name. You can check at the departure screen that state your destination and check in counter. Go to the counter and give your passport with your flight ticket. After that, put your luggage at the counter for them to label and straight away put it in the cargo.

Precaution: Make sure you lock all your zips with padlock or wrap it with plastic or any type of securing your own luggage to prevent any loss of stuff. This is very important!

Before you enter the departure hall, make sure you are not carrying any liquid or bottles with you. Bring along a lips bump for your comfort and preventing your lips from drying because the humidity in aircraft is very low and dry.

FLY WITH AEROPLANE - In Flight - Airline Ticket - Tracking - Tips

Then, you can enter the immigration gate. In KL international airport, it is very easy to pass the gate with smart device to detect your passport. Just put your passport at the device and put your right thumbnail on the sensor for few seconds. Then, take your passport and enter the departure hall after body scanning gate. In the body scanning gate, you must take all your stuff and put it in a basket to pass through the scanner.

You must be in the departure hall 20 minutes before flight. Show the ticket at the officer and enter the aircraft immediately. Find your seat number stated on the ticket. Put your stuff in the overhead compartment, take your seat and fasten your seatbelt.

In Flight, you can unfasten your seat belt when the sign af fasten seatbelt disappear. You can go to the toilet and do some walking in there. The toilet in flight / aeroplane has no sex separation. So you can get in any available toilet.

FLY WITH AEROPLANE - In Flight - Airline Ticket - Tracking - Tips

You can enjoy your meal provided by the stewardess in flight. Usually they will offer 2 type of meal for you to choose in a time. For flight longer than 7 hours, they usually provide two heavy meal. More than 3 hours will be only one meal and one sandwich. Less than 3 hours will be one sandwich.

Beer, carbonated / cold drinks and fruit juice also available in flight. You can ask the air crew anytime to have those drinks. Usually they will give you some peanuts. You can eat it while enjoying in flight entertainment program. There are a lot of movies, tv series, information, news, game and music to enjoy in flight. Just take the remote control out, change the mode to in flight entertainment and select your favourite channels. You can play all the entertainment as if you have your own computer there. Stop, rewind and play any of the movies with your own time.

FLY WITH AEROPLANE - In Flight - Airline Ticket - Tracking - Tips

When approaching for landing, you must fasten your seatbelt, stow all panel and put your seat at the straight position back. Wait for the sign of fasten seatbelt disappear for you to unfasten after landing and get your bag in the overhead compartment. You will be passing through immgration counter, show them your passport. Take your luggage at the baggage claiming area.

FLY WITH AEROPLANE - In Flight - Airline Ticket - Tracking - Tips

To move around from airport, you can take a taxi or shuttle bus services at the airport. And have a nice journey.

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