The name Indonesia has its roots in two Greek words: “Indos” meaning Indian and “Nesos” which means islands. It is an appropriate description of the archipelago as there are estimated to be a total of 17,508 islands, of which only about 6,000 are inhabited, stretching for 5,150 km between the Australian and Asian continental mainlands and dividing the Pacific and Indian Oceans at the Equator.
This largest archipelago in the world is one of the most volcanic and the most seismically active regions in the world: of its more than 400 volcanoes, 128 are considered active and 75 had erupted in historic times with more or less disastrous effects to the surrounding populations. Even today eruptions of varying magnitude occur regularly, rejuvenating the soil to make it among the most fertile on earth.
Flanked by the tepid equatorial waters of two of the world’s great oceans, the land rises from the darkest depths of some of the world’s deepest oceans through to the towering peaks of the volcanoes and the realm of perennial snow of the Jayawijaya mountain range in Irian Jaya.

Administratively, Indonesia consists of 33 provinces, five of which have special status. Each province has its own political legislature and governor.The provinces of Aceh, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Papua, and West Papua have greater legislative privileges and a higher degree of autonomy from the central government than the other provinces

 Indonesia cities


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Provinces are usually grouped by around larger islands and include smaller surrounding islands. The listing below follows this practice:

Wild and rugged, the 6th largest island in the world has a great natural and cultural wealth with more than 40 million inhabintants.

1. Aceh (Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam) – Banda Aceh
2. North Sumatra (Sumatera Utara) – Medan
3. West Sumatra (Sumatera Barat) – Padang
4. Riau – Pekanbaru
5. Riau Islands (Kepulauan Riau) – Tanjung Pinang
6. Jambi – Jambi (city)
7. South Sumatra (Sumatera Selatan) – Palembang
8. Bangka-Belitung (Kepulauan Bangka-Belitung) – Pangkal Pinang
9. Bengkulu – Bengkulu (city)
10. Lampung – Bandar Lampung

The country’s heartland, big cities including the capital Jakarta, and a lot of people packed on a not-so-big island. Also features the cultural treasures of Yogyakarta, Borobudur and Prambanan. One of the most populous island in the earth with more than 120 million inhabitans in a land equal to New York state

11. JakartaJakarta
12. Banten – Serang
13. West Java (Jawa Barat) – Bandung
14. Central Java (Jawa Tengah) – Semarang
15. Yogyakarta Special Region – Yogyakarta (city)
16. East Java (Jawa Timur) – Surabaya

Lesser Sunda Islands
the “Southeast Islands” contain scores of ethnic groups, languages and religions, home to Komodo lizards and one of the best undersea coral site.

17. BaliDenpasar
18. West Nusa Tenggara (Nusa Tenggara Barat) – Mataram
19. East Nusa Tenggara (Nusa Tenggara Timur) – Kupang
The vast majority of this, the world’s third largest island is covered by the Indonesian province. Uncharted jungles, mighty rivers, home of the orangutan, a paradise for the adventurer.

20. West Kalimantan (Kalimantan Barat) – Pontianak
21. Central Kalimantan (Kalimantan Tengah) – Palangkaraya
22. South Kalimantan (Kalimantan Selatan) – Banjarmasin
23. East Kalimantan (Kalimantan Timur) – Samarinda

Strangely shaped, this island houses a diversity of societies and some spectacular scenery, Toraja cuture, rich flora and fauna, world class diving site, finest undersea scenery

24. North Sulawesi (Sulawesi Utara) – Manado
25. Gorontalo – Gorontalo (city)
26. Central Sulawesi (Sulawesi Tengah) – Palu
27. West Sulawesi (Sulawesi Barat) – Mamuju
28. South Sulawesi (Sulawesi Selatan) – Makassar
29. South East Sulawesi (Sulawesi Tenggara) – Kendari

Maluku Islands
The historic Spice Islands, largely unexplored and almost unknown to the outside world.

30. Maluku – Ambon
31. North Maluku (Maluku Utara) – Ternate

West Papua
The western half of the island of New Guinea, with mountains, forests, swamps, an almost impenetrable wilderness in one of the remotest places on earth. still alot of unknown spesies to discover.

32. West Papua (Papua Barat) – Manokwari
33. Papua – Jayapura

Indonesia top places.

The following is a limited selection of some of Indonesia’s top sights.Anyer – Beach in Banten province, near Mt. Krakatau, Lesung Cape, and Ujung Kulon National Park.
Bali – A beautiful island with great culture and art.
Baliem Valley – the home of the famous penis-gourded Dani warriors. Located in Papua province.
Bintan – Resort island just south of Singapore. Best location to play golf. Located in Riau Archipelago province.
Borobudur – A largest Buddhist temple in the world. Located in Central Java province. This is the place which is Indonesia’s most visited site.
Bunaken – One of the best scuba diving destinations in Indonesia, if not the world. Located in North Sulawesi province.
Jesus Blessing Monument – The largest and tallest Jesus monument in Asia. The third tallest statue in the world after Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil and Liberty statue in USA. Located in CitraLand Estates, Winangun, southern Manado, North Sulawesi province.
Kelimutu Lake – Kelimutu is a volcano, which containing three summit crater lakes of varying colors. The colours can change every year. The common colours is red, green, and brown. Located in Flores island, East Nusa Tenggara province.
Komodo National Park – The park includes the three larger islands Komodo, Rinca and Padar. Komodo is the biggest reptile in the world, which only be found in this national park. Located in Flores island, East Nusa Tenggara province.
Lake Toba – The largest volcanic lake in the world. There is a large island in it, Samosir island. Located on North Sumatra province.
Mosque Agung Palembang – Mosque which is blended with Europe and Chinese architecture, located in Palembang, South Sumatera province.
Mosque Golden Dome – Mosque which has a dome with 24 carat golden. Located in Depok, West Java province.
Mount Bromo – Some of the scariest volcanic scenery on the planet. One of the best locations in the world to see sunrise. Located in East Java province.
Prambanan – A collection of massive Hindu temples built by the 10th century Mataram Kingdom, in Central Java province.
Silinduang Bulan Palace – The new palace which imitates Pagaruyung Palace that has burnt in 2007, located in Nagari Pagaruyuang, Batusangkar, West Sumatera province.
Tana Toraja – Highland area of South Sulawesi province famed for their extraordinary funeral rites.
Wakatobi – One of the best scuba diving destinations in Indonesia, located in Southeast Sulawesi province.

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