Welcome to Terengganu: attractions, 2009 events, package promotion and hotels, resorts or homestays




Welcome to Terengganu: attractions, 2009 events, package promotion and hotels, resorts or homestays

Welcome to Terengganu

Situated on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, Terengganu is an ideal holiday getaway. It has the longest coastline in the country, with stunningly beautiful Islands that sparkle like gems in the South China Sea. Many are gazetted as Marine Parks. The stale Is characterised by a strong Malay culture, laid·back Lifestyle, tranquil coastal towns and rustic villages. Traditional pursuits such as kite-flying and lop-spinning are highlights here. Kuala Terengganu Is its capital city Penarik Beach.  Take in the picturesque view of traditional wooden homes of fisherfolk, scattered along the palm fringed shores. An interesting sight here is fishing boats returning with their daily catch.

Lang Tengah Hailed as aile of the stale’s best kept secrets, Ihe Island has sparkling white sand and aquamarine waters. The varieties of hard and soft corals and prolific marine life make it a paradise for divers.

Marineland Beach, Tanjung Jara Beach is an excellent location for windsurfing, boating, kayaking, snorkelling and diving. Marang Beach is popular among photographers for Its spectacular sunrise. Other beaches include Paka and Kijal. Batu Buruk is popular spot for locals, equipped with playground, park benches as well as foed stalls offering local delicacies.

Perhentian made up of the larger Perhentian Besar and smaller Perhentian Kecil, the enchanting islands abound with exciting activities for sun-seekers. Go on a beat ride, swim, snorkel, dive or simply relax by Ihe trendy beachside cates. K,p. and Tenggol The tiny tropical gem of Kapas is well-known for squid fishing. Its solitary resort offers complete seclusion. The nearby Gem Island is another splendid getaway. Tenggol, the furthest island from the mainland, is home to kaleidoscope of colourful corals and marine life.

There is wide range of accommodation 10 suit all tastes and preferences, from luxurious beach resorts, boutique hotels 10 budget accommodation. Major Islands are equipped with well-appointed resorts as well as comfortable budget chalets. The stale has atempting variety of local delicacies, Continental cuisine is available at hotels while fast food outlets can be found In major towns.

Redang an enchanting holiday paradise, Redang offers breathtaking blue waters teeming with wealth of marine life and corals. The most popular beaches here are Long Beach, lined by number 1 chalets and Teluk Dalam Kecil, a sheltered cove with five-star resort.

most attractions:

Welcome to Terengganu: attractions, 2009 events, package promotion and hotels, resorts or homestays

*Malaysia’s Largest Museum
*The Fines & Famous Traditional Boat Builders of Terengganu *The World Renowned Emerald Islands in Malaysia
*Terengganu Tapestry-the Elegance Songket & the Equisite Batik
*Terengganu Arts & Crafts – The Intricate Skills of Woodcarving
*Traditional Culture – An Experience of Identity
*The World’s Oldest Cengal Tree
*Malaysia’s Largest Pheasant Farm of Ajil
*The Longest Panoramic Beach in Malaysia
*Kenyir Lake – South East Asia’s Largest Man-Made Lake                                              *Malaysia’s Highest Waterfall
*One of the Spectacular Firefly Sanctuary in Malaysia

Welcome to Terengganu: attractions, 2009 events, package promotion and hotels, resorts or homestays


Kenyir Motocross Championship 2008 
Date 21st February- 22nd February 2009 
Venue Litar Motocross Pengkalan Gawi, Tasik Kenyir 

Karnival GP Joran 
Date To be announced
Venue Dungun 

Seminar Batu Bersurat 
Date 14th March – 15th March 2009
Venue State Museum Complex, Kuala Terengganu
Kenyir Lake International Triathlon 2009 
Date 21st March – 22nd March 2009
Venue Pengkalan Gawi, Tasik Kenyir

SUKPEL (Sukan Pelancongan) 2009 Zon Pantai Timur (Piala YB Datuk Exco) 
Date 27th March – 28th March 2009
Venue Batu Burok Beach

Pertandingan Memancing Piala Kenyir 
Date 27th March – 29th March 2009
Venue Pengkalan Gawi, Tasik Kenyir

Karnival Citarasa Terengganu 2009 
Date 27th March – 29th March 2009
Venue Dataran Shahbandar, Kuala Terengganu

Pameran Alat Muzik Malaysia
Date 1st April – 30th Jun 2009
Venue State Museum Complex, Kuala Terengganu
Kapas-Marang International Swimathon 2009
Date 11th April – 12th April 2008 
Venue Pulau Kapas – Marang

Terengganu Underwater Challenge 2009 (Sea Shutter Bug)
Date 24th April – 26th April 2008 
Venue Perhentian Island
Fiesta Candat Sotong Antarabangsa 2009
Date 8th May – 10th May 2009 
Venue Jetty Marang, Terengganu 

Karnival Terengganu 2009
Date To be announced

Tasik Kenyir Eco Paintball
Date 5th June – 7th June 2008 
Venue Tasik Kenyir, Hulu Terengganu

Festival Pelaminan Malaysia 
Date 15th June – 15th August 2009 
Venue State Museum Complex, Kuala Terengganu

Paka Udang Hunt 2009
Date 27th June 2009
Venue Sungai Paka, Dungun

World islamic Cultural Festival
Date 1st July – 4th July 2009
Venue Taman Tamadun Islam, Pulau Wan Man

Asian Watercross Super Cup Terengganu 2009
Date To be announced

Larian Antarabangsa Jambatan Sultan Mahmud Terengganu 2009
Date To be announced

Terengganu Masters Golf Invitational 2009
Date 18th July – 22nd July 2009
Venue Green Acres Golf & Country Resort

Fiesta Buah-buahan Negeri Terengganu
Date To be announced
Venue Taman Pertanian Sekayu, Hulu Terengganu
Rally Championship 2009
Date To be announced
Festival Songket, Batik & Kraf Terengganu 2009
Date 27th August – 29th August 2009 
Venue Pusat Dagangan Terengganu, Kuala Terengganu
Pertandingan Pasang Pelita
Date 13th September 2009 
Venue Kuala Terengganu

Bazar Ramadhan
Date 22nd September – 19th October 2009 
Venue Daerah-daerah Terengganu

Perhentian Island Challange 2009 
Date To be announced
Venue Pulau Perhentian, Besut

Pesta Permainan Tradisional 2009
Date November 2009 
Venue Dataran Shahbandar, Kuala Terengganu
Sultan Cup Terengganu Endurance Challenge 2009
Date To be announced
Venue Lembah Bidong, Merang, Setiu
Monsoon Cup 2009 
Date 2nd December – 6th December 2009 
Venue Teluk Warisan Terengganu, Pulau Duyung, Kuala Terengganu 

Terengganu International 4WD Rainforest Challenge 2009 
Date To be announced


package and promotion

Eco Adventure Camp – PAKA RIVER CAMP
 Exquisitely Traditional – ULEK BEACH RESORT
Kapas-A paradise island – QIMI CHALET
Clean, Green & Friendly – PLANTATION RESORT
 Be mesmerized, relax & rejuvenate – MERANG SURIA RESORT
 A Place Called Home – SUTRA BEACH RESORT & SPA
The Enchanting Island Retreat – KAPAS ISLAND RESORT
Year End Promotion – YT MIDTOWN HOTEL
Idylic unspoilt Shores – RESIDENCE RESORT PAKA

hotels and resorts

*Kuala Terengganu Area, Terengganu
Gem Beach Resort Bukit Rakit  
Grand Continental Hotel Kuala Terengganu   
Motel Desa Kuala Terengganu   
Primula Parkroyal Kuala Terengganu Hotel  
Seri Malaysia Terengganu Hotel    
Permai Park Inn


Welcome to Terengganu: attractions, 2009 events, package promotion and hotels, resorts or homestays

Kuala Terengganu 
 Awi”s Yellow Hous
No. 3576, Kg. Duyung Besar,
23400 K.Trg
Tel: 09-6245046, 012-9639173
No of Rooms: 10
 Che Homestay
B 5B, Taman Semarak,
Bukit Tunggal,
21200 Kuala Terengganu.
Tel: 019-989 3442, 019-919 3442
Contact person: Zahari
No of Rooms: 3
 KT Guest House
889-A, Lorong Persiaran Hakim 3,
Jln Hj Busu,
20400 Kuala Terengganu.
Tel: 09-6227007, 019-9438007, 019-9049007
No of Rooms: 5
 Penginapan Desa Keluarga
Yayasan Pembangunan Keluarga (YPK)
Jalan Sultan Omar,
20300 Kuala Terengganu
Tel: 09-6249366 / 09-6249357 / 09-6249358
Fax: 09-6248621
No of Rooms: 6
 Penginapan Nor Atikah
A-14 Bangunan MARA,
Jalan Masjid Abidin,
20100  K. Terengganu.

448 A, Jalan Kamaruddin off Jln Pusara,
Taman Jaya
20400 K. Terengganu
Tel: 09-6231973, 09- 6226086, 09- 6233394, 019- 9845945, 09- 6888445
Fax: 09-6236794
 Penginapan Pantai Batu Buruk
866 C, Jalan Haji Busu
Pantai Batu Buruk
20400 Kuala Terengganu
Tel: 019-9572952, 09-6175969
No of Rooms: 1
 Penginapan Pelancongan Man Guest House
31, Lorong Kelab Pantai
Kg. Tanjung,
Jln Sultan Zainal Abidin
20000 Kuala Terengganu
Tel: 019-9438007, 019-9049007
No of Rooms: 15
 Ping Anchorage Travellers Homestay
No. 77A Jalan Dato’ Issacs,
20000 Kuala Terengganu.
Tel: 09-6262020
Fax: 09-6228093

No of Rooms: 12

Pok Tiong’s Heritage House
D/A No-3, Jalan Jail
20100 K. Trg.
Tel: 019-9626538
No of Rooms: 15
 Pura Tanjung Sabtu
5728, Kampung Tanjung Sabtu,
Mukim Manir,
21200 Kuala Terengganu,
Tel: 09-6153655
Fax: 09-6155013
Contact Persons:
Tengku Ismail bin Tengku Su: 019-9833365
Tengku Mohd Yusoff bin Tengku Su: 019-9484854
Email: purakota@streamyx.com
 Rumah Rehat Duyung
MPKT 7930, Jalan Lapangan Terbang,
Seberang Takir
21300 Kuala Terengganu
Tel: 09- 666 1193
Contact Person: Hj. Hassan
No of Rooms: 10
 Rumah Rehat Pantai Puteri
Hujung lapangan Terbang Sultan Mahmud
D/A Kg. Telaga Batin,
21300 Kuala Terengganu
Tel: 09-6666396
No of Rooms: 29
 Rumah Sewa (Maktab Rendah Sains Mara)
Batu Rakit
Tel: 09-6696344, 09-6693648
No of Rooms: 3
 Rumah Tumpangan Yaseen (Asrama & Penginapan)
24501P, Jalan Sek. Keb. Gong Badak,
21300 Kuala Terengganu.
Tel: 09-6226224, 09-6664995, 013-9814352, 09-6694995
No of Rooms: 12
 Triple A Guest House
No.1-10, 2nd  Floor,
Jalan Pasar Kedai Payang,
20000 K.Terengganu
Tel: 09-6227372, 013-9033292
Fax: 09-6247372
No of Rooms: 15

 Yaudin Guest House Holiday & Tours Sdn.Bhd
D/A B6 Terminal Pelancong,
22300 Kuala Besut.
Terengganu Darul Iman
Telephone No: 609-6974887
Fax No: 09-6974611
No of Rooms : 7
Hulu terengganu 
 Kuala Berang Resthouse
Jalan Hashim,
21800 Kuala Berang.
( Pjbt Daerah KB)
Telephone No: 09-6816811/ 09-6811244
No of Rooms: 12
 Rumah Rehat Persekutuan
Pulau Sah Besar,
Tasik Kenyir,
Peti Surat 2, Pej. Pos Kuala Berang,
Telephone No: 011-973035, 03-88881957
Fax No: 03-88883031
No of Rooms: 10
 Syafiq Rest House
676 B, Tmn Dato’ Abd Rahman
21700 Kuala Berang
No of Rooms: 12
 Dahima’s Guest House
116 Rantau Abang, 23000 Dungun.
Telephone No: 09-8452843
Fax: 09-8453843
No of Rooms: 18
 Pasir Raja Rest House
Pasir Raja
D/A Pejabat Daerah Dungun.
Telephone No: 09-8841616
Fax: 09-8484594
No of Rooms: 24
 Rumah Rehat Ketengah
Lembaga Kemajuan Terenggau Tengah,
Beg Berkunci no. 3,
Bandar Al- muktafi Billah Shah, 24309,
Dungun Terengganu.
Telephone No: 09- 822 3100
Fax: 09- 822 3104
No of Rooms: 4
 Awang Beach Resort
85 Rantau Abang,
23050 Dungun,
Telephone No: 09-8443500
Fax: 09-8454500
No of Rooms: 31
 Kamal Guest House
B283, Kg. Paya,
Bandar Marang
Telephone No: 09-6182181
No of Rooms: 4
 Rumah Rehat Semarak
KM 22, Pantai Kelulut,
Jalan K.Terengganu.
Telephone No: 09-6181322 / 09-6182288
No of Rooms: 28