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Moyo Festival 2012: Hunting, diving, bull racing and more

By • Sep 28th, 2012• Category: Budget Travel Package & Interesting Places

The splendors of the exclusive Moyo island paradise in West Nusa Tenggara will be unveiled from 29 October to 5 November 2012 when the Moyo Festival 2012 takes place on Moyo and other parts of Sumbawa island. The event forms part of the “Go Sumbawa 2012” Tourism Campaign.


Moyo Festival 2012 will feature various exciting programs  including hunting on Moyo Island, mountain cycling, an attempt to break the world record for the longest dive with the largest number of divers,  and the spectacular feature of herding buffaloes through the sea to the meadows on the island. There will also bull racing and a buffalo beauty contest, horse racing, an off-road race, a triathlon, a fishing competition and the planting of coral reefs in Saleh Bay. 


Colorful cultural parades will showcase the rich legacies of the indigenous Samawa people and there will also be a Tourism Prince and Princess pageant participated by the youth.  The festival will also introduce Sumbawa’s business sector and investment opportunities in a series of MICE events.


Lying approximately three kilometers off the North coast of Sumbawa, Moyo Island is an exotic pristine island surrounded by indulging white sandy beaches and unspoilt coral reefs,  while  offshore  are green savannas inhabited by all kinds of unique wildlife. Its sheer beauty and secluded location has made it a favorite exclusive retreat for some of the world’s renowned figures, including legendary Rolling Stones’ lead vocalsit Mick Jagger, and the late Lady Diana, Princess of Wales and former wife of British heir to the throne, Prince Charles.


The main island of Sumbawa itself is a known for its top class surfing destinations and is home to one of the most important natural monuments  of the world: Mount Tambora. This is also an island blessed with the beauty of nature in its rugged terrain and picturesque coastline. The best example of surfers’ delight and beautiful coastline can be found by the fascinating Lakey Beach on Sumbawa’s east coast.


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